What my clients say about me:

"Working with Dom is great! He is very reliable and very quick to respond to whatever is needed. We are working on an on-going basis so look forward to continuing working together!"

Ben Nolan

"Great, job! Fast, flexible with 
great communications skills.
 Would use again. 
Thank you!"

Victoria Fox

"The hustle and the muscle! Domagoj went above and beyond the project requirements, communicating quickly and effectively and hitting all the work-back deadlines. He was able to take our amateur iPhone footage and put together the exact video we were hoping for. Thanks Dom!"

Li Et Co Media

"It is a please to work with Domagoj, as he is eager, motivated, communicates promptly, thoroughly and leaves good results."

Hans Kirchner

"I gave Domagoj a photo-editing project to be done quickly. Not only did he complete the work at lightning speed, he did an excellent job. I can vouch for his skill because the other freelancers I gave the same project took more time and did a substandard job. Domagoj was also very cooperative when I asked him to make changes. He has my highest recommendation for his quick response time, skill, sincerity and attention to detail."

Rahul Manghnani

"A very skilled and patienced worker, 
who has an excellent grasp on design."

Frank Van Der Burg

"I worked with Domagoj on a recipe video and he completed the work on time, was great at communicating and worked fast! I was happy with the finished product and he was great to work with."

Mattie Smith

"Very high quality work. 
He worked to make sure everything
 was done just right.
 Thanks so much!"

Kenneth Mack

"Great job!"

Chalon Williams

"Great work!"

Shahrukh Lalani
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